by lukasz

Everyone who starts blogging is overwhelmed by huge amounts of information, and free and paid tools that are needed in order to be successful in blogging. More than that, every day you will be coming across new blogs, and also new tools that promise to boost traffic and generate income within a few days. Some paid tools are awesome, do not require much time to understand how to work effectively with them. While others can be replaced by free tools that can sometimes perform better without ruining your budget.

Being involved in digital marketing for a couple of years, I have tested the vast majority of tools. Some tools have become my favourite, and I cannot imagine blogging without them. Some paid ones have been replaced by free tools, and a few tools are used only in particular situations. 

I would like to note that some links I will be mentioning in this blog post are affiliate links. That means that I might get a small commission when you buy some tools at no additional cost to you. I have been using these tools for a quite long time, and I have had a positive experience with them, so I can recommend them to you without hesitation.

I encourage you to visit this page regularly, as I am a great fan of discovering and testing new tools that can benefit my blog.

Google Analytics

I cannot imagine analysing results without Google Analytics where you have tons of useful and relevant stats such as sources of traffic, the best performing landing pages, page speed, and other metrics that help you better understand what content your audience like the most, and what you should improve on your blog.

Google Search Console


This tool is particularly useful to know whether there are any errors in your blog, and how you can fix them, what search terms are popular, what their CTR is, and what landing pages generate the most traffic to your blog.

7-day trial for $7
Price from $99

If you can afford this tool, you will be more effective at creating content that generates traffic. I explained how I improved my old content using Ahrefs in this article. Creating good and relevant content takes time, and a blogger can be disappointed that a blog post does not generate any traffic to their blog. One of the explanations is that a keyword is difficult or needs more links, as competition is  strong in this niche. Ahrefs shows all the essential metrics, and you will be more aware as to what topics are more profitable in your situation. Another plus is that guys from Ahrefs regularly publish posts and films on their YouTube channels sharing amazing tips and their own experience.

Price from $69
Limited Free Version

A very similar tool to Ahrefs, if you are starting to blog, Serpstat will be an ideal tool for you. This tool helps find and analyse relevant keywords, and is very effective in analysing published content.

Price from $15
Free 30-day Trial Period

I have been using them for about 2 years, and during this time I have been testing other platforms. What I like the most is their very simple click-and-drag constructor that helps you create any landing page, mailing, opt-in form within a few seconds. They have over 500 free stock photos, ready for use marketing automation templates (you do not need to create the welcome process by yourself, just use a template), lots of training materials, and continuous launch of new features that save your time. Every template and form looks nice, aesthetically pleasing, and polished. And their two most amazing features: Perfect timing, this means that your readers get emails at their individual time (very effective as it significantly improves open rates, as everybody opens their mailbox at different times), and they have helpful tech support.

Price from $8
Free Trial Period
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Every blogger who generates traffic using Pinterest will say that they cannot imagine their work without Tailwind. I have tested manual pinning but after one week I started to use Tailwind which saves me a lot of time. I also like their tribes where I find good quality Pins to share on my boards.
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