Should You Update Your Old Content?

by XeniaKo

Once a blog post is published, many bloggers and companies limit themselves to promoting content. Sometime after many forget about posts that were published 6 months ago, unless articles generate massive traffic.

Why do you need to work with old content? Firstly, if a blog post does not generate traffic, decide whether you really need this article. Google indexes it each time it visits your site, so your crawling budget is spent unwisely. You might have also published the second, or even the third article on the same topic, so Google will see these articles as duplicated content, and that is not a good sign for search engines, as they do not like when a creator designs the same content over and over again.

And finally, Google promotes sites that not only publish news on a regular basis, but update old posts.

I personally update my article once or twice per month, analysing their stats and keyword positions. A lot of ideas are available if you want to update your old content:

  • you can add a new photo, graphic, table, infographics completing a file name and Alt with proper keywords;
  • while doing research you might come across blogs, articles, or research that will interest your readers. Simply add a few words and insert links into your old article, and let your readers know they will find more useful information here;
  • you have created a new post, think about old articles. Linking from old posts to recently published ones improves your linking strategy, and indexation, and will also be helpful for readers who click on the links to read newly published articles;
  • you can reach an expert, other blogger, and ask them to share their opinion, experience, or a case study, and add this piece of content to an old article;
  • you can record a video for YouTube and publish on the relevant pages;

The number of ideas how to improve your old content are unlimited. Firstly, you can test to see what works and what does not, both for your readers and search engines. Secondly, remember that content should be updated on a regular basis. Even if an article was published 2 years ago, you should come back to it every 3-6 months to see what improvements can be done. 

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