The Moneytizer – How to Earn Passive Income

by XeniaKo
The Moneytizer platform that helps bloggers earn passive income

If you run a blog because you want to get extra money or turn it into a six-figure business, then  monetization of traffic is probably one of your goals. There are various ways of earning from blogs that are more or less profitable, and they depend on what niche you are in, how much traffic your blog generates, and how much time you spend on educating yourself and testing new solutions. Without any doubt, displaying ads from platforms such as Mediavine, Google Adsense, and Monumetric are good ways to get some passive income for many bloggers.

While reading a blog post written by one of my favorite bloggers I came across a paragraph that mentioned The Moneytizer, and was surprised that I had not heard about them before. Bloggers usually write about their experiences using ad networks  such as Mediavine, Google Adsense, Ezoic and others, so I decided to test the Moneytizer and see what results I would get with them.

What is The Moneytizer?

The Moneytizer is a premium publisher network with their own bidding system based on the CPM model (cost per mile/thousand) that means a blogger will earn XX dollars/Euros for every thousand impressions for ads published on his/her site.

The community of The Moneytizer counts over 47, 817 publishers, and they work with partners such as Taboola, Double Click Ad Exchange, and others.

The process of applying is very simple, all you need is to complete the basic info:

When the info is completed, you need to press the button to send the application. I was accepted at the first attempt and received a really quick response from them. I have been involved with digital marketing for a few years, and have contacted many platforms and providers. I can safely say that The Moneytizer has one of the most outstanding and quickest support teams. This is definitely what I like about them. It does not matter what problem I would like to solve or discuss I always get prompt support via mail. I like communicating via emails as I can always come back to messages, read them and consult other details if I need, and I am sure that me and their account manager are on the same page.

Once you are accepted you are granted access to your account on the platform that is really user-friendly and easy to use.

On the platform you see all ad formats with codes that are easy to install (The Moneytizer also designed the plugin for WordPress for easier integration).  You can also click on the question mark and read additional information if you need to. Displayed ads are responsive, and they do not slow a website.

I like testing solutions for my website, and thanks to the easy installation process I have tested different formats of The Moneytizer , and then based on CPM I chose formats that are the most profitable for me. You know it’s not guessing what format will be better, I can make my decision on the stats I get so that I can plan on how to increase my income. Testing ads is very simple, you can use any codes you want to test, and ads start to display almost immediately. After one day of displaying, you will see the CPM of a chosen format. I usually test ads over two weeks and then choose the best formats.  At this moment I am happy with my formats, however, as I said, I like testing so I will probably test another format soon.

On the platform, you can choose from a variety of different ad units. Their platform offers standard ad units as well as higher impact ad units.

However, the most important issue for me is the quality of the displayed ads. Before The Moneytizer I tested another advertising platform that almost ruined my sites by showing ads that were not relevant at all. I remember I was totally shocked while checking out my articles on my mobile and seeing how ads of poor quality from this platform were displayed on my site. When I installed the code of The Moneytizer  the first step was checking the ads quality. I must say that I was happy to see that the displayed ads are of Premium quality from known trademarks and look in harmony with my site. Even if the ads are not absolutely related to the topics I write about, they are close to ones my readers can be interested in. I feel comfortable knowing that my readers get not only content of high quality but also that the displayed ads do not annoy them.

The Moneytizer also wants all their bloggers to earn more money, so they will offer a free consulting session to discuss ads placement and other improvements that can be implemented on your site to improve its performance, and as a result the blogger will get a higher income.

Last but not least – their referral program lets you earn additional money. If you apply using this link, and you are accepted you will be credited €5, and I will also get a commission. When you are accepted to The Moneytizer you will also be able to invite other bloggers and friends to The Moneytizer, so you will have the commission and they will be able to earn extra money. A win-win situation for both sides. 

12 Top reasons to use The Moneytizer

  • Easy and quick application process;
  • Outstanding support;
  • Their team is interested in helping bloggers earn more;
  • High quality ads;
  • No spammy ads;
  • Easy to install ad code and test;
  • You can monetize your sites and also apps;
  • Personalized consulting;
  • A large selection of ad formats;
  • You earn from ads being displayed;
  • No extra costs or set up fees;
  • Referral program that helps you earn even more.

The Moneytizer site:
Referral link to earn €5 if accepted

And what’s your experience with CPM platforms? I’d love to read your comments

Disclosure: This page contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase after clicking on the links, xeniako will get a small commission. We are dedicated to finding the coolest products for bloggers, and we never recommend products that do not love or do not trust.

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Ieva 28 April 2020 - 19:39

Hey there,

After years of denying ads on my site, I’ve started thinking about trying out some ad networks. I used to be on Google AdSense but it never paid off. Now, it’s been a few years of my blog monetization in other ways and I’m ready to give ads another go… Could you give me some insights in the traffic vs income? Is it worth it if the monthly traffic ranges around 10K readers?


Oksana Kosachenko 13 May 2020 - 19:16

Hi, they released the stumulator of income: So complete your numbers, and you will see what income you will get. I hope, you will be satisfied with numbers 🙂

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