Tailwind Tribes: An Honest Review And Tips

by XeniaKo
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Being involved with digital marketing for over 7 years, I have observed various strategies designed to boost projects and traffic. But one thing is certain: relying only on one channel is risky, and can end badly if an algorithm changes.

Pinterest is one of the easiest ways to boost  traffic to a site, particularly if this is a young domain. In this article I explained what results I achieved with Pinterest, and also why I like sharing third party content. I cannot imagine pinning without Tailwind, and I use Tailwind tribes quite often. If you ask me whether Tailwind tribes are worth investing your time in, my answer will be “Yes”.

Tailwind tribes are communities that you can join to share and promote relevant content. Depending on your niche, it is very easy to find and decide what Tailwind tribe to join. The number of tribes you can join depends on your plan, and you can see it there.

A pagescreen that demonstrates how to see the number of Tailwind tribes

How to find Tailwind tribes?

Before joining Tailwind Tribes, be sure that your profile is complete, your boards are organised, and filled with Pins. I applied to tribes when I had 10-15 boards with 20 Pins in each.

To find a tribe, click “Find a Tribe” and insert your main keywords. If you are running a blog about pets, your main keyword will be pets. Then analyse Tailwind statistics: number of members and how active the tribe is. The choice of Tailwind tribes depends on the niche you are in. I do not recommend choosing a tribe that is not relevant to your site. I tested this solution, and although I found 2 or 3 Pins that I pinned on my board. However, I could not share own content because it was not relevant to this tribe. When you finally choose your tribes click the “Join now” button. If your Pinterest account is new, you might not be accepted by bigger tribes. It has happened to many bloggers, including me. Start with medium-sized  tribes, and go on improving your Pinterest account.

Stats of Tailwind Tribes

How to use Tailwind tribes?

Once you are accepted and have designed a new Pin,  go to Tailwind to repin it to your other boards, and Tailwind tribes as well. If your pin is appealing, other members of this tribe will pin it to their boards, and more users will engage with your content.

For example, if your board is followed by 20 people, your pin will be shown in their feed. If your pin is repinned by a person who is followed by 2,000 people, then your pin will also be shown in their feed.

This is the first way I use Tailwind. After publishing a Pin on the most relevant board, I repin it to my other boards and share via Tailwind Tribes. Before pinning to tribes, read their rules carefully, and always share quality and relevant content.

Pinterest likes fresh content, and if you want to grow your account, you should create a lot of new content on a regular basis. Running my Pinterest account I wish to provide interesting and engaging content for my followers, and when I see an awesome piece other bloggers have created I usually repin a pin. And here Tailwind statistics are very helpful, as it shows how popular the pin is and how many people have already shared it. You can spend many hours searching and analysing content on Pinterest, and you can still miss pins that are popular on Tribes. More than that, being a member of tribes you have to share third party content. And here is one of the examples of a pin that I repinned from a tribe that went viral.  

I agree with other bloggers that, in this case, the traffic is sent to the site of the blogger who created the pin. However, this pin also improves the statistics of your Pinterest account. So it’s almost a win-win game.

If you wish to grow your Pinterest account, you will have to decide or test what strategy will be the best for you: manual or automated pinning.  I still get better results with Tailwind and Tailwind tribes than with Pinterest groups and manual pinning. However, it also depends on the niche you are in, and personal preferences. If you want to increase your Pin reach, Tailwind tribes (or Pinterest groups) cannot be ignored.

If you want to get a free month of Tailwind, click on this link

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