Sentiment Feature of Google’s Natural Language Tool

by XeniaKo
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If you run a blog in order to monetize traffic, you know that posting helpful content is a must.  On forums many bloggers ask how often they should publish their content or why their blog posts do not generate traffic.

The number of articles and using proper keywords used to be one of the best ways to be on Top, but it’s not partially true nowadays as you need to consider many more factors if you wish to benefit from organic traffic.

The sentiment feature- designed by Google- is a relatively new as the search engine learns continuously to understand the users and their search intent better. How can the sentiment feature be helpful for bloggers?

When you have an idea what you will be posting about, and know your main keywords, insert them into the Google search bar to see the results that are the Top. Let’s imagine you will be writing about 10 Top Ways to Lose Weight.

Quickly analyze the titles of posts – are they positive or negative? At first thought the authors have used a positive tone avoiding words such as mistakes, negative, slow, etc.

Top results for query "ways to lose weight" to analyze the sentiment

Copy fragments of the first 5 – 10 texts and paste them here, one at time:  Natural Language

The image of Natural language API demo, designed by Google

And click on the sentiment

Sentiment section in Natural Language Instrument by Google

The yellow color means neutral sentiment, red is negative, and green is positive.  Paste a few texts to see what tone the authors use in their posts revealing the secrets of weight loss.

What does it mean for bloggers? Google learns to understand users’ behaviour better and  what information they search for. Let’s say 8 out of 10 posts from the Top use positive sentiment. If you will be using positive language for your post, you will be competing with 8 other blogs, and the chances you will leave your competitors behind is higher as there are 8 potential places. If you decide to look at the topic from a negative point of view, the potential of only 2 places is harder to use.

You might also analyse your older posts that do not rank at all or you can improve their performance. See what posts Google ranks high and what sentiment is used by bloggers. Using Natural Language for detailed analysis will help you change each sentence sentiment if it has been used inappropriately.

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Turno 15 June 2020 - 19:29

Needful content. Keep creating content like this! Tons of love for you

Oksana Kosachenko 21 July 2020 - 20:18

Hi Turno, thank you!

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Oksana Kosachenko 21 July 2020 - 20:18

Hi, Corinne! If a blogger or business wants to stay in Top, they have to know what Google guidelines are.

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