Learning Entrepreneurship From the Best

by XeniaKo
Matt and other experts at the meeting

If you want to be successful in a particular area, then each of your activities –even running a blog –should be treated as a business. Of course, nobody is ideal, and even Top businessmen experience ups and downs. These days it is easier to be successful online or offline, you don’t even need to visit libraries as most materials can be found online, and they are free.

I like observing the journey of people who have already achieved their success or somewhere in the middle. I also enjoy learning how to be successful in business from those who have already achieved their goals. For me it’s also important to know that these people impact the world in the most positive way.  

In his interview Matt Redhawk, the founder of My Patriot Supply, has shared his beliefs saying that being a successful entrepreneur means having a burning passion, vision, knowledge, courage and confidence.

Tony Robbins is the name I do not need to say much about. He, probably, is the person who has the biggest impact nowadays not only encouraging people to reach their goals but also change the world around us. His project Millions More Meals To Feeding America® has changed the lives of many families and encourage others to follow this way.
Tony Robbins YouTube Channel

Salma Jafri teaches business owners how to stand out thanks to visual content. If you wish to know about video strategy or how to grow your personal brand using video content, and all this is explained in simple words, here is Salma Jafri’s YouTube channel

GaryVee or Gary Vaynerchuk, the owner and founder of many successful businesses,  one of the most well-known public speakers, and a 5-time New York Times bestselling author, is a must- follow for anyone who wants to develop their business in a strategic way. Gary  is also known as an active participant in philanthropic projects. In his videos he shares his views and experiences on how to get the most attention to your business, how to take full advantage of your online presence in 2020, or what are the most effective social media strategies you should implement in 2020.
GaryVee YouTube channel

Clark Kegley (Refusing to Settle) is a guy who set up his channel as he wanted to live separately from his mom and developed his online business to a six-figure income in just 24 months. Clark is running a  YouTube channel where he speaks about affiliate marketing, passive income, entrepreneurship, and mindset. High-quality content is about how to design your life, build multiple streams of income, or prepare a super healthy smoothie for energy.
Refusing to Settle

Philip VanDusen, the Principal and CCO of Verhaal Brand Design, dedicates his channel about strategic branding, graphic design and creative management to individuals who want to be successful entrepreneurs in a creative business. It contains a lot of interviews, talks about legal issues or how to be successful creatives, whether it  is better to be a generalist or a specialist, and more, – his channel is definitely worth recommending.
Philip VanDusen

Project Life Mastery by Stefan James reveals the best secrets of how to live fully. He covers all of the nuances of being  successful online such as making money online, working with your mindset , recommendations on what you need to know before you start an online business, or how to earn on YouTube or blogging. A successful online entrepreneur who reveals secrets that work.
Project Life Mastery

The Growth Academy by Alessandro Di Rusci who invites you to be the host into the entrepreneurial world. In my opinion he is definitely one of the best experts who teaches you how to get high-paying consulting clients.
The Growth Academy

Wholesale Ted is run by charming Sara who surprises you not only by creating amazing content but also by her impressive dose of humor. Content is well-structured, analysed in the tiniest detail, and combined with successful (not always) case-studies. If you plan to or run POD or a drop shipping business, look no further.
Wholesale Ted

Gillian Perkins is an author, entrepreneur and marketing strategist who helps online entrepreneurs grow their business. Her knowledge, recommendations, tips and strategy will be particularly helpful for owners of small businesses who want to know about passive income, how to design and launch online courses, and how to be successful on YouTube.
Gillian Perkins YouTube Channel

Nathan Lucas from Freedom Influencer is one of my favorite YouTube vloggers whom I have followed for a couple of years. I do not remember how I came across the channel, but it was at the very beginning when Nathan was a military man and started his online business.  Nowadays he is a full time successful online entrepreneur who motivates, discovers new formula for  success, and sometimes shares his personal thoughts.  Freedom Influencer is about the way to be financially independent that demonstrates that everyone can do it if they wish.  
Freedom Influencer

Nancy Badillo who surprises me with  the tons of relevant content she creates almost daily. The channel will be helpful for those who want to be successful with Etsy stores, affiliate marketing, and Piniterest.  Be prepared to watch daily J
Nancy Badillo

Chris Winter, whom I discovered a few weeks ago, mainly shares his tips on affiliate marketing, passive income, and Shopify secrets. Lots of tutorials and guides.
Chris Winter

Anastasia Blogger has been developing  her business  (blogging and YouTube channel) like a hurricane. What I like in her videos is that she explains everything in detail, and almost every recommendation is based on official guidelines of Pinterest. I do not often  watch YouTube videos where the author researches a topic with thoroughness. If you want to know all of the bright and dark sides of Pinterest, this is one of the best channels  with regularly added videos.
Anastasia Blogger

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