Keywords Difficulty – 3 Ways to Check It Out

by XeniaKo
Keyboard of a blogger who is analysing keywords difficulty

Keyword difficulty is a parameter that you should understand if you wish to increase traffic to your blog, and do not want to spend a lot of time on outreach or link building.

Why is keyword difficulty so important? If you plan to write a blog post about carriers for cats, then traffic will massively depend on whether you use a backpack for cats or backpacks for cats. Backpacks for cats is a less difficult keyword, and you will only need to SEO optimise your text. However, the keyword a backpack for cats is more difficult, and you will need to analyse competitors in TOP, decide about the length of your text, and whether or not you will need links to the text.

3 Ways to Check Out Keywords

This method is the easiest one, although you need to have the access to ahrefs tool. Go to keyword explorer, insert a keyword, set a country, and analyse the results you get

Keywords tool by Ahrefs
Difficulty of various keywords stats by Ahrefs

You have the basic information to understand whether your domain is strong enough to promote these keywords. If you want to dig deeper, click here, and see results. You will probably have better chances to drive organic traffic to your blog if you write a blog post about sales funnel software or design sales funnel templates.

Sersptat is the next helpful tool creating a strategic plan. Serpstat offers a free plan, and if you do not work with a large volume of keywords, it will be effective for you. Insert a keyword, choose a country, and analyse the results.

Keyword difficulty in Serpstat

If you wish to see really quickly whether a keyword is worth researching, use Google and analyse the TOP results, ideally in incognito mode. If Google shows 30 or more results with the title using targeted keywords, it might mean that the phrase is competitive. If Google shows the first 10-20 results, it might mean that the phrase is relatively easy. And if you see mixed results (a targeted keyword in the title and other phrases), it means that this keyword is easy and not competitive.

Google method to see keyword difficulty

If you start running your blog, your niche is competitive, or you do not want to spend much time on gaining links, using less competitive keywords that will generate traffic lets you feel more confident when using SEO.

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