How To Increase Traffic By 400% Within One Month?

by XeniaKo
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 When I set up my blog last year, I had been doing SEO for 5 years. My blog was almost perfectly optimised, I analysed and used relevant keywords, and used the correct title and descriptions. I know that a new website with low domain authority has no chance to compete with older sites that have high domain authority and a good linking profile. My first mistake was that I relied mainly on SEO and  ignored the power of Pinterest, although I stumbled upon blog posts praising this platform. A few months later, I wasn’t satisfied with the results saying what organic traffic I received, and I made the decision to launch a site in another niche.

This time I concentrated my efforts on Pinterest, reading blogs, articles, and participating in webinars and courses. Being more knowledgeable, I completely rearranged my first Pinterest profile and created a new one for my second site. As a result, the second Pinterest account grew from 17,000 views to 62,000 views within two months. This is what I did:

  • searched and analysed relevant keywords, and used them in the name of my account and description
  • searched keywords related to the boards I created, used them in the board’s name, and other relevant keywords were inserted into the board’s descriptions
  • optimised every pin, all of the images, and used relevant hashtags.

I tested various tactics of pinning pins, 80/20 rule, sharing only curated content, or only my own content, and manual or automated pinning. The best results I got were from using Tailwind for my own pins, combined with manually curated content created by other bloggers. I do not abide by the 80/20 rule, I usually pin 5-10 pins daily using Tailwind.

If you want to grow your account on Pinterest, pinning regularly is a must.  If you have time to pin once or twice per week, then it will be better to search for another channel that will generate traffic to your blog.

When I curate content designed by other bloggers, I keep in mind whether or not my readers will be interested in their content. I sometimes repin popular pins or content that I think my readers will love, although it is not repined massively.  

In depth research for my second blog takes time, and that is one of the reasons why I publish only 3 articles monthly. However, even with just 3 published articles per month, Pinterest increased my traffic from 400  visitors to 1,600 visitors within just one month. Until now, Pinterest generates 80% of my traffic, while Google generates 20%, and this is relevant traffic with good conversation rates.

I decided to re-launch my first blog, and you won’t be surprised to hear that my first post is about Pinterest. Nowadays, using different channels is essential, as algorithms change continuously. However, Pinterest is an ideal tool for new sites to grow their traffic within a few months, for sites where their niche is dominated by domains with high authority, and for those who do not wish to learn complicated SEO.

I do not know any other tools that can boost traffic enormously during such a short time, and Pinterest is a FREE tool. All you need is to invest your time learning Pinterest SEO and its algorithm if you do not want to spend money on courses. You do not need to be a professional graphic designer, as tools such as canva or crello are free, and it is very easy to learn how to create engaging Pins. I also recommend following or reading these blogs that help me learn about Pinterest:
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