How To Charge Per Blog Post?

by XeniaKo

The internet has opened up unlimited opportunities for many people regardless of the degree they hold or their place of living.  COVID sped up the process of online transformation, and many businesses have already gone online, which has increased demand for writing jobs.  Freelance writers can find jobs on freelancing sites, run company blogs, or create content for private clients. However, the question of fees is one of the most frequently asked on forums and Facebook groups, particularly by writers who are starting their freelance writing services.  

Before you set up your price, you need to research the market and answer a few questions to understand whether or not you possess unique skills and experience. Content creation takes time, and an excellent article will drive traffic during the next few months or even years, take into account brand voice, appeal to targeted customers and solve their problems, and is SEO optimised. Nowadays, being a professional writer means a combination of expertise in one or a few niches and experience in content optimisation. If you are lacking when it comes to the latter, here is an excellent free course. This expertise is required for E-A-T requirements by Google, and optimisation is needed to meet requirements by search engines. It does not matter whether you create content for small businesses, corporations, start-ups or your own blog, if you do not possess these skills you won’t get great results and can’t charge high fees. 

However, if you are a professional blog writer who meets the criteria mentioned above, hourly billing (keyword research, search for relevant topics considering their potential and domain authority, figuring the proper length, NLP words and text structure, etc) and per word rates is the best option, in my opinion. I have used this option successfully for many years, and I believe it’s fair for all parties. 

If you are a college student or novice writer, you will need to create a portfolio to demonstrate examples of your work to potential clients. Keep in mind, there are at least a few paid and free tools that clients might use to figure out whether the texts you have created are of high quality, generate traffic, and have not been copied from other sources. So, the portfolio should include only texts you have prepared otherwise you will lose credibility and clients. 

At the earlier stage, you might charge a flat fee per text or package, or per word (character) to build a portfolio and gain experience. If you are not sure what rate is the best for you, freelance sites or copywriters directories will be a perfect source of info and help you compare your skills and experience with other content creators.

While polishing your writing and SEO skills, gaining knowledge about other nuances such as content strategy, ROI, image optimisation, achieving sales goals, etc will be practical and useful. 

How much to charge per blog post – wrap up 

Freelance writing can be an awesome adventure in the comfort of your own home or via an agency. Top freelance writers earn an income that lets them enjoy their job and a good standard of life. However, to reach this level you need to become an expert in your niche and be proficient in content creation and optimisation. You need to invest time in polishing your skills and training, as search engines change the requirements quite often. 

If you are an experienced writer with a great portfolio, a combination of hourly rates and per words might be a perfect option that I have used for many years. If you are a beginner in content creation, work on your portfolio and invest time and money in training


Is content creation time consuming?

It depends on your goals and what you and your client need. If a client needs non optimised content, the creation will probably take a short time. However, such content does not work on websites, wastes crawling budget, and brings no results at all.

Should I know much about SEO to create optimised content?

You do not need to know as much as an SEO specialist, but you need to know and understand how to write a (manipulate) title and description, what is the proper length of texts regarding topics you picked, how to find topics that will be converting, whether or not you need to include any great tips into texts, etc. If you are lacking in this knowledge, check out the course by Surferseo, you will get all of the info you need right in your email inbox.

There are too many freelance writers, will I find clients who will want to buy expensive texts?

Check out the directory, and you will notice that fees of professional freelance writers are high. However, focus your attention on their skills and portfolio. Today, the number of clients who understand that research and expertise are required for excellent content is growing, and they are willing to pay for content that will sell their products and generate traffic. Great content is a cost effective investment, and many businesses are aware of that.

I do not know how much to charge. Where can I find any info?

You can ask communities on Facebook, check out sites for freelancers or see fees in directories.

Can I make my living by writing content?

Content plays a huge role today. Having said that, I also mean creating content for social media, YouTube, newsletters, etc. If you are creative, can generate ideas, love spending time on creating great and appealing pieces of content, like learning new things, you can turn writing into additional or full time work.

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