Canva Alternatives: 7,5 Simple Tools

by XeniaKo
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Canva is one of the tools that is often recommended by bloggers.  Although I have been using Canva for a couple of years along with other instruments, from time to time I check and test other platforms.   I sometimes find good alternatives that I am happy with,  and I am also quite unsatisfied with other tools and brand that create useless replicas.


Snappa is a free drag- and- drop constructor with quick registration. The interface is user-friendly, well structured, and clear.  You will find templates for social media such as YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

The simple interface of snappa that is the alternative to Canva

Their Pinterest templates are nice, but in my opinion their standard design won’t  stand out in your followers’ feed.  In Snappa the default size of Pins is 735-by-1102 pixels , and it can be changed while polishing your Pins at a later stage. 

What I like is their pastel pallet for the background, but  the collection of graphics and shapes is poor. Other features are quite standard and unfortunately, there are no templates with motion graphics.

Here is the final version of the Pin I created using Snappa

  • free
  • easy to use drag- and- drop constructor
  • a nice pastel collection for backgrounds
  • a quite pleasant collection of photos
  • a good tool to create Pins quickly
  • there are no eye-catching templates
  • standard features
  • there are no templates with motion elements

Site: Snappa


Getstencil is also a drag-and-drop constructor that gives you 10 free stock photos for registration. Their constructor works pretty well, and the interface is user friendly and it is easy to find settings you need. The collection of photos, icons, and templates is pretty nice, and you will even find quotes that are ready to use. Despite templates being in various styles, I couldn’t  choose any, so I decided to create a Pin by downloading my own image.

The interface of simple design tool Stencil, an alternative to Canva

What I like about them is their advanced settings for image sizes (getstencil declares 63+) for  Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram, Tumblr, YouTube, and Snapchat. So it takes only a few seconds to resize images or set the custom dimensions you need.

The second feature that is worth mentioning is their constructor, which is user-friendly, very intuitive and has nice built-in features, functions and filters blur, darken, transparency, and others.

Interface of Stencil, an alternative to Canve with showing available filters for photos

Getstencil offers 3 payment plans: free, $9 and $12 for unlimited use. In my opinion this constructor is one of the best alternatives to Canva. Here is a Pin created in Stencil:

  • professional combinations of 2,950 fonts
  • a user friendly and intuitive constructor
  • an impressive collection of over 2,200,000 stock images
  • settings for image creation and resizing
  • a drag- and- drop constructor that works well and is very intuitive
  • standard templates
  • templates are not divided by categories
  • there are no templates with motion elements

Site: getstencil


Designbold is another drag- and- drop constructor, and you can open a free account or log in via your social media account to check whether there are templates you like. The interface is clear with a comfortable search box. I like their filter solutions that are really user friendly and time saving, you can also see all sizes and a number of templates.

Designbold, a simple design tools, that is alternative to Canva

Their drag- and- drop constructor is similar to Canva, and I like the placement of their Premium layout sign that is visible on the bottom left corner while scrolling down.

I liked fonts pair and wanted to use it for my Pinterest Pin, but I couldn’t. Their constructor failed refused to co- operate with me, I could not move the text above a new photo I uploaded before. Sorry guys, I tried for a few minutes but finally resigned. No example this time 🙁

A Pin that is a template in Desingbold platform
  • user friendly interface
  • free
  • easy sign up
  • not a comfortable constructor
  • standard templates

Site: designbold


Desygner is another alternative I came across while doing my research. The platform is similar to the previous tools, and it offers a great variety of templates for social media and even more: invitations, logos, stationary, or business cards.

A clean and user friendly interface of Desygner, an alternative tool to Canva

The interface is clean, and it’s easy to choose a template. Although until you click on the template, you don’t see whether it is Premium one which is really very uncomfortable. You also need to make additional steps to move to their constructor, and only then are the templates marked Premium. The loading process takes a little while, and it’s longer compared to the tools I mentioned above. You sometimes need to refresh a website to download templates. Templates are a mix of photos and designs that are nice to choose from.

A Pin that has been created in Desygner tool

The resizing tool is not comfortable to work with when it comes to tall Pins, although their grid solution is a good idea. There are not too many options to make the text more appealing. And their saving does not work (the screenshot below) So sadly, my time was wasted.

An empty screen in Desygner as a result of not being able to save a created design
  • free
  • easy sign up
  • many functions do not work

Site: desygner


The sign up in fotor is very fast and easy. The interface is clean, however the choice of sizes is limited. The search tool helps you find a template you really need without spending too much time scrolling down.

The interface of design tool Fotor, an alternative to Canva

Their great feature is preview mode and you can also resize an image at that moment. 

The preview mode in Fotor design took

Saving and downloading is very quick, and here is the final result.

  • free
  • some templates are nice
  • preview and other features
  • not a big choice of templates

Site: fotor


I have been using for creating collages for a couple of months, and have had a good experience  with them. Their free version gives you a great choice of templates, and all you need is to download pictures. It’s very easy to replace images in case you want to polish your designs.

Befunky, a good alternative to Canva - their interface
  • free
  • great choice of templates
  • easy to use

Site: befunky


Crello is one of my favourite alternatives to Canva, when I cannot find the design I need in Canva I usually check crello. All features and functions are almost the same as in Canva, and you will be comfortable with them if you like Canva.  

  • free
  • great choice of templates
  • video posts
  • most templates are Premium (14-day free trial)

Site: crello

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An image with white tulips, and a notebook in pastel colors


Although colorsandfonts is not an alternative to Canva, this tool will be useful  for creating your own designs. It covers everything you need to create more advanced designs.

Interface of colorsandfonts that is very practical and useful tool, although it is not an alternative to Canva

Wrap up: each tool has pluses and minuses, and it’s not so easy to compare platforms and come up with a verdict on them. To choose your favourite platform, you need to test the tools to see how comfortable you feel with them and  check out whether you will find appealing templates related to your niche.

Site: colorsandfonts

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ffion 27 April 2020 - 16:10

I’ve never heard of most of these! I’ll have to check these out and see if I prefer any of them to Canva.

Oksana Kosachenko 13 May 2020 - 19:21

Hi ffion,
Canva is one of the most known tools, althought there are good alternatives with great templates

Hailey 27 April 2020 - 17:58

Thanks for the post. I was looking for some other choices. I was familiar with Fotor but didn’t know the others

Oksana Kosachenko 13 May 2020 - 19:19

Hi Hailey,
in my opinion, it is always good to be able to know what alternatives are.

Under Flowery Sky 27 April 2020 - 18:11

Thanks for recommendations. This is very useful post as we
need some change. I will save it..

Oksana Kosachenko 13 May 2020 - 19:18

I am glad I can help.

Katrina 28 April 2020 - 01:59

I had no idea about any of these tools! Thanks for the blog post. I’ll have to try these out sometime instead of using canva.

Oksana Kosachenko 13 May 2020 - 19:17

I would recommend testing them, even because there are various templates that other bloggers might not use.

Heather Prudeaux-McCullough 28 April 2020 - 17:34

I have been only using canvas pro, but I will definitely check out these others.

Oksana Kosachenko 13 May 2020 - 19:16

Great, let us know about your experience with other tools

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