Length of A Blog Post – Everything You Need to Know

by XeniaKo
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Creating content takes time. A blogger who has invested time and resources in content creation feels unsatisfied when they do not see results at all or the outcome is poor. The proper length of blog posts might be one of the reasons why content does not rank well. Here are practical recommendations on how to know what is the perfect length for blog posts.

Step 1 – Always check the length of blog posts that are already in top

When you have defined keywords you will be using in a blog post, insert them into the search box to see what results you will have. While analysing content from the top 10 results, you need to answer the following questions:

  • what is the length of content – long or short?
  • what form (long or short) dominates top results

When you complete this step, you will have a basic idea as to how long your blog post should be. If there are 8 short articles and 2 longreads on top, it will be easier to write a short blog post to compete with 8 competitive sites.

Step 2 – Check out the perfect length for a blog post

There are a few (free and paid) ways to know what is the ideal length for a blog post. You can use samuelschmitt which is a free tool. Insert the keyword, choose parameters you need and click the button.

interface of samuelschmitt with a keyword to scratch

The tool will show the length of the shortest and longest posts, and the average amount that is a good length to have in your case. In general, the perfect length of your blog post should be more than the minimum and should not exceed the maximum number.

results shown by samuelschmitt as to maximum and minimum words in texts that are in top for business books keyword

The second tool is surferseo that I use for all my content-related tasks. Insert your keyword and start the search.

serp analyzer results in surferseo panel

Once the analysis is finished, pick up only those websites you can compete with considering the strength of your and your competitors’ domains. In case you are planning to do outreach to gain some links, you can choose stronger domains than yours. Mark only those websites you would like to compete with, and you will see the results in two places: on the left side of the menu  or by clicking the Audit button.

top 10 results for keyword business books in surferseo tool

Surferseo shows the length of each post and also mentions the perfect length for a blog post.

the graph showing the minimum and maximum blog post length

Which tool is the best? If you do not use surferseo or any other SEO-related tool, and write blog posts without any research and analysis, then samuelschmitt is better than nothing. Although you need to remember that you will see the average result that it also includes data for sites that are difficult to compete with.

Surferseo (here is a $1 free trial) gives more detailed and precise information based on data for the sites you will be competing with in TOP.


What is a good length for a blog post?

A good length for a blog post depends on the results on top, and cannot be less than the minimum and more the maximum ones. You can use free and paid tools to know the exact numbers that are perfect in your case.

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