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by XeniaKo
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Writing engaging content for blogs might seem to be an easy task, particularly if you are a beginner. You might think that if you share your knowledge in the field you are an expert in, or at least have done detailed research, it is easy to write an article as everyone wrote essays while at school.  However, only not a small part of your content will be shared by your readers or even reach Top positions in Google and will be generating traffic.

If you need only a one-time single piece of outstanding content e.g. college admissions, it’s more wise to seek the help of professionals who can help you reach your goals.  In many cases these experts have a few years of successful experience and know how to win the battle. 

Hallie Walden Bagley

For example, Hallie Walden Bagley is a former Managing Editor of The Paris Review, with a BA in English Literature from Dartmouth College and a Juris Doctorate from Columbia University School of Law. For sure, such experts know how to turn a simple essay into a piece of art.

However, if you plan to regularly post on your blog or social media, you need to polish your skills or know how to delegate that. In this article, I will share resources that are worth following if you want to create engaging and SEO-optimised content.

Ahrefs is one of tools that I cannot imagine creating or updating content without.  I have tested many articles that were and were not SEO-optimised, and I can safely say that non-optimised SEO texts  do not work at all, except from narrow and non-competitive niches, or situations when articles are published on really strong domains.  It does not mean that you need to stuff articles with keywords. However,  you need to plan the structure of a text, understand the difficulty of keywords, properly mark H1-H6, and know how to complete the Title and Description. If you do not want to invest in Ahrefs, you can use Serpstat (they offer a free version)  that is also helpful for working with keywords. Ideally you will explore both of them on a regular basis.

Both platforms run their blogs where they share the results of their experiments, ideas, and recommendations.  
Ahrefs Blog
Serpstat Blog

Brafton Blog  is run by a marketing agency that specialises in content creation, also for businesses.  They write about  content in, probably, the most detailed manner exploring its specifics to social media, YouTube, blogs, email marketing, and more. And it’s all combined with the strategy, statistics, trends and recommendations of experts.

MozBlog – It’s not so long ago that I could not imagine my Friday evening without White Board film and Rand Fishkin, who I consider to be one of the best marketeers. Rand left Moz some time ago, and I am not a regular reader any more, but occasionally I check them and enjoy their professional posts.

Ed Gandia

Ed Gandia – I fell in love with his outstanding manner in creating emails. It is no surprise at all that Ed is one of the best business coaches with his own successful writing business.  If you want to write articles that convert, earn on your writing skills, and work for Fortune 500 clients,  know whom you can outsource other tasks or even writing to, then this blog is definitely for you.  His podcast section is also worth visiting for those who experience a writer’s block, want to run a business successfully even whilst being ill, or see the experience of other people in their carrier transformation from PR-expert into content marketing one.

However, what should you do if you are not a fan of writing, and you are more keen on the technical or business nuances of your blog? The blog of Ryan Robinson is one of the most successful in the digital world and according to his financial reports he works with freelance authors πŸ™‚

What blogs do you read? I’d love to read your comments.

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